Standard Strip line Ceramic blade mounted on a "High Temperature, low leakage" probe card with passives installed on Ceramic Blades.

In addition, Alpha Probes offers a custom probe card design service where we can tailor an application specific probing solution that meets your requirements, or a generic probe card PCB covering all your common production configuration, or maybe you just need a modification of an existing design.

We Offer a full design (Schematics, Gerber, and PCB Fabrication) service. 

Epoxy ring technology is available from almost every Probe card vendor, it offers low cost, high performance, and can easy be maintained onsite. Epoxy probe cards offer low probe to probe capacitance for high performance applications and can also support low leakage configuration.  Epoxy ring probe cards can also support high density pin count down to a 70-micron pitch in many cases. utilization of today’s modem technology and with onsite custom made Aluminum, Ceramic, FR4, and Surgical Stainless Steel rings aid in support of tight pitch probes thus avoiding potential shift phenomenon or interaction between the probes ring (AKA Spider) and PCB.

Alpha Probes, probe rings use a high temperature high dielectric constant for maximum signal integrity, The 3M Epoxy is purposely formulated for bonding mechanical and electrical components, providing a stable platform to maintain alignment in   X,Y and Z position and covering a wide range of operating  temperatures.

We also have on hand a large selection of “Generic” low cost probe cards solutions that conforms to industry standards


Custom Designed PCB using 256 Tunsgshen Probes with 21,  50 Ohm Coax HBeCu Probes on a Custom Ceramic ring with aditional Stiffener

Alpha Probes offers a selection of standard card designs yet remains flexible to create new designs that have wide market application. In addition, Alpha Probes recognizes that many customers have custom designs of their own and Alpha Probes welcomes customers to supply their unique custom cards.

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