Alpha Probes offers a custom probe card design service where we can tailor an application specific probing solution that meets your requirements, or a generic probe card PCB covering all your common production configuration, or maybe you just need a modification of an existing design.

We Offer a full design (Schematics, Gerber, and PCB Fabrication) service. 

Alpha Probes offers Design, Fabrication, repair and cleaning service for all our  probe card and other manufactures Probe cards. The service commences with a free evaluation of the card to determine if it can be repaired or should be rebuilt ( replacement of all probes and ring). Probes can be replaced or aligned and planarized to their original specifications. Planarization to ±10µm is the default standard at Alpha Probes.

Expedite repair service is offered at a premium price with 1-3 days turnaround depending on the amount of repair work to be completed, the availability of repair components and current factory workload.

Weather you are just looking for a Probe card PCB, Donut Ring, Mother board, or just bare probes, We can help you

Design, Fabrication, Repair, Cleaning.

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